European Women in Games Conference 2019

In 2019, it was our absolute privilege to host the two-day European Women in Games Conference at The London College of Communication.

With the support of WIGJ CEO, Marie Claire Isaaman, and Festival Co-ordinator, Kim Arazi, our mission was simple. To help introduce & close the conference with power & positivity each day, and to use our platform to lift up the voices of the incredible women in the games community.

Alongside introducing superstar guests like Jude Ower, Harinder Sangha, Roberta Lucca & more, we also had the opportunity to run our own hour-long ‘Surprise Session’ at the end of day two.

For this session, we took the chance to ask: What happens when you give 200+ women in games permission to play together? We threw away the conference rule book with a fun, radically informal, interactive session, putting the power of play to the test with quizzes, audience Q&As, and more.



The Women in Games  Conference 2019 would not have been the same without our hosts The Nerd Pirates . Their hosting skills are stellar! They really are a ‘dream team’. They are professional, communicative, fully researched, well rehearsed and prepared, articulate, joyful, funny, insightful, flexible, adaptable, talented and creative...And they love video games! They're  culture savvy and hugely entertaining. Needless to say I look forward to working with them again in the future and highly recommend you consider them for hosts at any creative industry events you are running.



[The Nerd Pirates] were incredible at wigj conference! Your engaging and personal style helped to make the conference fun and intimate, which in turn made information easier to absorb! You clearly understood the conference's goals [and] generated content which saw women lifting each other up!



From the moment I met  Nerd Pirates at Develop, I just adored them. The energy and fun were infectious! They bring passion like no other! So when I saw they would be hosting WIG conference, I was excited to meet them again knew they would be engaging! They were that and so much more.. I love love, love them! I can’t wait to see what’s next

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