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Operation Apex

As Virtual Umbrella's in-house PR & Marketing creatives, we helped Curiscope promote the release of their latest VR adventure, 'Operation Apex'. 

Using assets provided by the Curiscope team, we produced a full social media plan for the launch period, including suggested timings, copy, and imagery.

We also created an 'Operation Apex' branded email marketing template and a strategic PR & Marketing document outlining experiential outreach opportunities.


Operation Apex is Curiscope's new VR marine adventure: an accessible underwater exploration and adventure game developed in partnership with HTC Vive Studios.

A VR adventure with full freedom of locomotion

Operation Apex is designed for room-scale and seated modes, so you’re able to explore no matter the size of your playspace.

Become a marine scientist

Take on the role of research assistant with no diving experience needed. Collect data from the marine life around you & learn about the ocean’s precious ecosystem.

Scan and collect marine life to lure predators

Interact with sharks and many other elusive creatures. What’s more, the marine life in Operation Apex has the ability to react to your presence too!

Highly detailed environment and creatures

All the art and imagery in the game was carefully created to be a realistic as possible, down to the way the kelp sways with the ocean currents.


Dive in!

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