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360° VR Space Safari is an immersive experience from ‘the world’s most sustainable energy company’, Ørsted. Taking viewers on an awe-inspiring journey into space, the piece promotes action against climate change, helping us to see our planet like never before.


As part of the team at Virtual Umbrella, we worked in an agency partnership with Surround Vision to support Ørsted with their launch. Through our joint efforts, Space Safari had an outstandingly successful debut at 2019’s UN Climate Summit where the experience was viewed simultaneously by 200 individuals and world leaders across multiple VR app stores. Surround Vision worked on-site to manage and run the ambitious 200 headset set-up. Meanwhile, Space Safari made a splash across the press, YouTube, social media, and more.


At Virtual Umbrella, we helped to craft the PR/outreach strategy for the virtual reality and technology sectors in the UK, identifying targets and planning our outreach activities. We also created a series of short, bold videos/teasers to promote the experience on social media.

Our Role

PR Strategy  Asset Creation   

Project Highlights

Project Highlight

Space Safari Teasers

See below for teasers we created for Space Safari, crafting short, sharp, impactful videos that showcase the experience at its best.

Approx 6000 views in 8 days

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About the Experience

Space Safari aims to give the user an astronaut’s sense of perspective. Seeing Earth from space, viewers experience the ‘overview effect’ – a special moment when they first see our home as a vulnerable dot floating through the universe: a fragile, beautiful place that needs our protection.


Four versions of Space Safari were created (UK, US, German, and Danish), each featuring narration from a different astronaut:


Space Veteran, Mike Massimino (US version), the first woman in space, Helen Sharman (UK Version), Andreas Mogensen (Danish version) and Reinhold Ewald (German version).

4 astronauts

Launched at the New York UN Climate Summit 2019

'I recommend anyone with an interest in space to take a look today'

- Virtual Perceptions

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