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Solent University Workshop

As part of our Virtual Umbrella work, we collaborated with MD, Bertie Millis, to plan and deliver a day-long 'Intro to VR' workshop at Solent University.

Workshop aims

The purpose of the session was to use VR demos, lectures, and challenges to help the students to achieve the following aims:

  • Gain insight into the immersive technology industry as a whole – the major players, the difference between VR, AR, 360, and the potential it holds for the future.

  • Discover and understand some of the central formal differences between film and VR storytelling techniques.

  • Get a basic understanding of theoretical approaches towards narrative, framing, and immersive technology.

  • Think creatively around the narrative limitations of 360 experiences, and get excited about the development of a new storytelling language for VR.

  • Get hands-on experience in using virtual reality.

  • Get creative with 360 technology.


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