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The rich list

Working on behalf of Virtual Umbrella, we acted as Account Manager and Project Manager for a VR showcase at the launch of San Miguel's 'Rich List'.


Hosted at the iconic Somerset House, the event formed part of an ongoing series of experiential events based on San Miguel's brand values, with VR activations also appearing at Carlsberg’s two head offices in Northampton & Leeds.


Across the day, we led VR demos for over 200 visitors, liaised with clients, provided technical support, and trained brand ambassadors in the use of virtual reality technology.

The beer tasted pretty good too.



In their words

"It was that mentality and sense of adventure of starting something new and trying to learn from different cultures and different people. It’s that philosophy – how do we take that explorative mindset and make that relevant to today, and today’s consumer?"


Dharmesh Rana (San Miguel Senior Brand Manager)


TheBlu VR transports you into an atmospheric underwater world, allowing you to live among sea creatures in their natural habitat. With various sea creatures swimming around your head, wearing the VR headset feels like wearing a pair of scuba goggles, with an added calming voiceover that guides you through the dream-like majesty of marine life. The stunning 3D graphics bring excitement to the fully immersive underwater journey of the TheBlu VR, whether you’re hanging out with orcas in the Arctic, chilling with dolphins near the beach, or staring into the eyes of an enormous blue whale.

  • Supported on Samsung Gear VR

  • Available on the Oculus Store

  • Rating: Everyone


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